New Album "DARKANAKRAD" to be released in November 2024

About SuidAkrA

While so-called "pagan metal" bands seem to be popping up around every corner over the last few years, trying to conform to current trends instead of coming up with ideas of their own, SuidAkrA have stayed true to the sound that they have become known for since their foundation in 1994 in Germany. Combining fast Melodic Death Metal, Irish Folk music, and a torrent of harmonies, they prove time and again their ability in blending several different influences to create their unique sound…

The name „SuidAkrA“ is founder Arkadius Antonik's first name written backwards. Their lyrical and musical concept deals mostly with the Celtic mythology and stands in close collaboration with the Belgian artist Kris Verwimp, the creative head for the lyrical concept and artwork.

After over 25 years of bandhistory and 15 studio albums, SuidAkrA has become a flagship in the German metal scene. In more than 500 shows, the band constantly played tours around the globe. They played numerous European tours, 5 North American tours as well as in South America, China, Japan, Taiwan and India. After a festival in the Indian metropolis, Bangalore in 2012, Arkadius Antonik spent a week on the behalf of the German Goethe institute to support regional musical projects. With their 3rd Indian tour in 2014 SuidAkrA became the first Metal band ever that performed shows in 6 different cities in India. This was accompanied by a large public and media interest, such as the german station ZDF that broadcasted a Suidakra tour documentary in ther show called „Aspekte“.

SuidAkrA is signed by MDD-Records since 2019. The band released their 14th studioalbum called „Wolfbite“ in June 2021. Album Nr. 15 called Darkanakrad is sceduled to be released on November 7th 2024 with MDD-Records. The album is based on an artwork / soundtrack project which was started by Kris Verwimp and Arkadius Antonik in May 2013.